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Title Services

The Law Office of Finley Stetson is proud of its premiere Title Services Department.  We are trained in the complexities of real estate law and we are always standing by to give you peace of mind at no extra charge.


“Title” refers to the rights and responsibilities of a particular property.  Before title can be sold to someone else it has to be “Marketable” — free and clear of liens and other title defects.  To guarantee marketable title, the team at Finley Stetson will conduct a title search by scrutinizing public records that pertain to the property you intend to buy.  We will conduct a thorough title search that aims to uncover any problems with the title. 

Hidden Defects

“Hidden Defects” are the problems with title that cannot be found in public records.  At times, no matter how thorough the examination of a title search, a defect can still exist.  This is where title insurance comes in.  Title insurance obtained through the Law Office of Finley Stetson protects you against hidden problems with the title that you didn’t know about when you bought the property.  In the unlikely case a problem crops up, your title insurer pays the court costs to defend your ownership.  Any costs to fix the problem or financial loss incurred because the problem cannot be fixed are also covered.

Golden Access

Hiring the Title Services Department of Finley Stetson gives you “Golden Access” to an elite real estate law team.  The cost of closing through a real estate attorney is comparable to the cost of using a title agent.  But the value is quite different.  At our offices a real estate attorney is at the ready to help:

  • Negotiate contracts on your behalf
  • Provide legal advice
  • Give clear understanding of legal documents
  • Remedy title issues

A title agency with no affiliation with a real estate attorney can’t do any of these things.  When something does go wrong, title agencies are left steering their clients to the offices of a real estate attorney.

At the Law Office of Finley Stetson our Title Services Department is thorough, responsive and motivated to close deals, not lawyer them up.

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