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The U.S. Government is giving everyone a break on estate taxes…for now. How can you take advantage before the break goes away?

Here is a question that we receive on an almost daily basis from our clients:  “I’ve read in the news that the estate and gift tax exemption is going to be reduced.  How can I take advantage of the current exemptions before they are cut?” Right now the current gift...

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Trump Triumphs Over New York Taxes

Florida has its first President! Donald and Melania Trump are now permanent residents of Florida.  They did this in October by recording a “Declaration of Domicile” in Palm Beach County court. The New York Times reported that the move was “primarily for tax purposes.”...

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Niche Trusts: As Unique as You Are

You’re not a carbon copy of your neighbor. Likewise, your estate plan shouldn’t be a carbon copy of theirs. A qualified estate planning team’s approach to counseling will be tailored to your specific needs. As your team works together to produce, tailor, or edit your...

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