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Asset Purchases

The team at the Law Office of Finley Stetson has vast experience in contract creation of asset purchases for both buyers and sellers. We can assist you in determining whether an asset purchase trumps a stock purchase for the acquisition at hand.

What is an Asset Purchase?

In an asset purchase, the seller can buy everything from the staplers to the durable medical equipment that a business might own. Or, in a more targeted asset purchase, only a portion of a business might be sold. For instance, intellectual property is purchased while real estate is not part of the agreement. Often in an asset sale, the seller remains the legal owner of the entity.


Buyers assume much less liability in an asset purchase as compared to a stock purchase. This means less legal services time in conducting due diligence. Buyers and sellers can pinpoint the exact assets for sale, making for easier negotiations. The buyer can select which employees to retain and receive tax benefits from depreciation and/or amortization.

Customized Decision

The Law Office of Finley Stetson can help you determine if an asset purchase makes sense for your individualized situation. We are here for the small business owner, enjoying successful navigation of the purchase and sale of many local entities.

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