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The attorneys at the Law Office of Finley Stetson routinely represent small business owners who are buying new businesses or selling their businesses. We provide individualized attention focused on accomplishing our client’s goals and completing transactions in a timely manner that minimizes costs.

Our team is experienced in handling the negotiations and paperwork that is necessary when a company is absorbing or being absorbed by another company. We have also successfully navigated the terrain when two companies join forces.


The first step in mergers and acquisitions is valuation. Our team has experts across a wide variety of industries with whom we’ve worked to get accurate valuations of businesses being acquired or sold. Appraisal methods vary and we will be able to guide you in understanding which type of valuation method is being employed.


The Purchase and Sale Agreement is sacrosanct when it comes to buying and selling a business. Clients shouldn’t rely on handshake deals or their understanding of what was supposed to happen. The Purchase and Sale Agreement will spell out in detail each side’s rights, duties and obligations. A well drafted Purchase and Sale Agreement will help clients avoid disputes and misunderstandings, and is a key part of any transaction.

Finalizing Deal

Once a transaction is complete, Finley Stetson will help clients with properly registering or dissolving businesses. We will advise you on the need to apply for new permits, licenses, tax IDs and more. If you are selling your business, we will counsel you to comply with terms of the agreement and guide you with non-compete agreements.

At the Law Office of Finley Stetson we believe that a smooth transition sets the stage for a successful forward path with the business.

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