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Our Entity Formation and Corporate Services team at the Law Office of Finley Stetson can help guide you in selecting the right kind of entity for your specific business. In addition, we also offer a complete package of Corporate Services.

Entity Formation

The first steps of starting a new business are crucial. And after picking a product or service to provide, the most important decision you’ll make centers around what kind of entity to form. It may sound dull to the visionaries and the creative types, but the beans need to be counted and protected. The attorneys at the Law Office of Finley Stetson are experienced in guiding the new business owner during this crucial Entity Formation stage.

First, we will guide you through deciding what kind of entity you want to form. We will discuss:

    • Corporations: C Corporations & S Corporations
    • Partnerships
    • Limited Partnerships
    • Limited Liability Companies
    • Limited Liability Limited Partnerships
    • General Partnerships

We will thoroughly delve into your tax threshold questions. Our team can help you determine if you want to be taxed as a partnership or as an S Corporation, because different rules will apply. For our small business owners, C Corporations are not a common option, as they are most often used by publicly traded companies.

Control issues are important to address in the business formation stage. Our attorneys will help codify who will have control of the business and what kinds of limits there will be on managers and officers. We will address limits on who can own an S Corporation regarding trusts and non-US taxpayers.

Corporate Services

The Law Office of Finley Stetson offers a complete package of Corporate Services. We can act as your registered agent and file your Annual Reports. The team can handle your regulatory filings with the state. We are available to meet with Board of Directors, advising members on their fiduciary duties, regulatory issues and Florida law.

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